Pamela B Cherry was born in Dublin and lived in Ireland, twenty years in Canada, and after visiting many countries Pamela and her husband Robert have definitely opted for Brittany.  They first moved was to Taden then to Le Quiou but are now happily settled in Plévenon.  "The beautiful landscapes and the great Breton beaches remind me of my home country, with less cold and less rain," she says. She enjoys? living in France and appreciates that businesses are closed on Sundays because, according to her, "It is essential for family life and friends to have free time to get together”. Pamela cannot remember when she caught the virus of the writing.  Very young, no doubt.  At school, while her teacher was asking for a composition of two pages, she wrote twenty. Her imagination has been overflowing since her young days. Pamela worries about the fate of others, fellow humans, the animals and marine life of the world; she feels that "There are not enough people who take care of other people! Life is difficult for many and they can only afford to think of themselves. However, countless are very kind and caring but not enough there is a shortage of ‘kindness’ in the world.” Two of Pamela Cherry’s novels ‘Repossession and Déjà Vu’ are with suspense and humor based on true life and circumstances that can happen to anyone. Her third book is one of spirituality based on personal experience of the afterlife, spirits, orbs and extraordinary communication through ‘feathers’ with her dear sister who passed away 11 years ago. Pamela finds that she has to exile herself in order to write and to concentrate on her characters and the storyline of her book. It takes much discipline. Pamela is planning on further revelations about Stephanie, Mervyn, and Brock in 2019, when she hopes to write several ‘spinners’ to tell everyone what they have been up to for the past few years. During this time Pamela and her husband have moved house and built a new home, she is hoping to have time to catch up on her writing over the next twelve months. She also has plans to have her books translated and put into audio.