The Donnellys live a charmed life on the 'right' side of the tracks, in Blackrock, County Dublin Ireland. They have a beautiful house, trips abroad, money was not a subject that they would ever have to think about. Their world comes tumbling down when their property development business fails. In a matter of weeks, their lives change. They do a 'runner' and go visit a friend in Arizona. They take over her house and her life changes. The story continues and the reader will enjoy amusement, maybe even laughter, thrilling pages during kidnapping and abductions, dicing with death when there is an incident involving the Mafia. The story intertwines with marriage love and an affair and leaves the reader wondering what on earth is going to happen next



The Cover of Repossession


You may come across either of these covers on the Internet. 


After I finished writing the book, I set about thinking of a cover. I asked my husband Robert if he had any ideas. He replied that when he thought about the Donnellys situation, he immediately imagined a toilet, with all of their worldly possessions getting flushed away. So that was it. With the help of Celeste Hall, an author in her own right, I used that image for the cover. After about twelve or eighteen months when Déja Vu was well underway, I decided to change the cover to one that would knit the two books together.


Some prefer the old toilet cover and some the new image.