Reflections of a Sister and Proof of the Afterlife



I was compelled to write this little book about my spiritual experiences. For years I believed in angels and the afterlife but I never had any proof of either, other than annual visits to a psychic who could tell me the most amazing details of my life, even before they happened. Over the past ten years, I have learned much more, because I have opened up my mind and made myself aware of what is going on in and around me. I hope that many people will read this book, will be encouraged to explore their own spirituality and will find reward and comfort as a result.


 Just a few of the feathers that have turned up in the most amazing places over the past nine years.

My latest book has just launched! This little book is very special and just seems to have 'happened' . The words inside and the cover just seemed to evolve as if by magic. This is the first copy off the press and it arrived yesterday! I asked Robert to take a few photos, applied some lippy and the garden did the rest. Amazing how some things turn out! 

Reflections of a Sister and Proof of the Afterlife

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After cropping a photo I had taken of a beach covered in rocks when the tide was out. I discovered that there was a little feather under the 'one' rock that I had chosen to crop out of the photo! 


Could not resist this beautiful African Violet plant after seeing that there was a little white feather tucked in between the leaves